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Kiss, Marry or Kill: The 2023 wrap-up

Four habits that will save your holidays

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 25

I have a multi-step skincare routine now

SUBSCRIBER BONUS: My experience with ketamine therapy

Are you accepting or dismissing?

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 24

The dollar analogy for difficult seasons

Is "no" really a complete sentence?

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 23

The Boundary Lady's 2023 Slow Gift Guide

The Boundary Lady's 2023 No Gift Guide

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 22

My top 10 chilling reads for Halloween

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 21

I don't know how to dress any more

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 20

Pulling for you

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 19

Three reasons to shift your workouts with the seasons

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 18

Three super-woo ways to protect your energy

A 3-step review to upgrade your whole damn life

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 17

How to write better emails

BONUS XOMU: How I eat 120g of protein a day

WWMUD: Help me stop over-committing to plans

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 17

XOMU: Why I started running (again)

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 16

WWMUD: My husband is a food pusher

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 15

The third thing

BONUS XOMU: Melissa goes to Telluride

XOMU: How to stay safe on a hike

XOMU: A test of gratitude

XOMU: Boundaries with roommates, for back-to-school

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 14

XOMU: What's in my hiking pack

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 13

You'd never guess I eat these 7 foods

BONUS XOMU: Melissa goes to Jackson Hole

WWMUD: My friends won't speak up, and it's hurting our relationship

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 12

Is your inbox a hot mess? (Mine was)

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 11

XOMU: Positive affirmations that actually work

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 10

Upgrade your summer with boundaries

BONUS XOMU: Setting up your home gym

XOMU: My summer hiking must-haves

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 09

XOMU: How to level up with the help of Parallel Timeline You

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 08

XOMU: Don't get the last word

SUBSCRIBER BONUS: My most effective comfort and coping tools

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 07

XOMU: Is it healthy to use food as comfort?

BONUS XOMU: The complete guide to Universal Studios Hollywood with kids

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 06

XOMU: How to actually go out of office

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 05 (Airplane carry-on edition)

XOMU: What's in my carry-on

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 04

XOMU: How to get your kids to eat more veggies

BONUS XOMU: A playlist of my podcasts

BONUS WWMUD: Bridesmaid boundaries

XOMU: Why I started taping my mouth shut at night

WWMUD: How can I teach myself to be more empathetic?

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 03

XOMU: Three communication patterns that are ruining your relationships

WWMUD: How do I tell my friend struggling with fertility that I'm pregnant?

BONUS XOMU: Lotion, candles, and socks

XOMU: Making "Lucky Girl syndrome" even more effective

Help me describe XOMU

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 02

XOMU: Make your self-care micro

WWMUD: My roommate wants to set a boundary around who I'm dating

Kiss, Marry or Kill: 01

WWMUD: My husband says boundaries push people away

Bonus XOMU: Melissa Goes to Moab

XOMU: Does your fitness wearable data make you anxious?

WWMUD: My mom overshares about my dad

XOMU: The problem pile

WWMUD: My work meetings turns into therapy sessions

XOMU: Four tips for making the most of therapy

XOMU: How to find a therapist

XOMU: I worked through my entire sick day

WWMUD: Should I go back to school?

WWMUD: Help me curb my boundary explosions

XOMU: Energy Leakage: Where is all your energy going (part 2)

WWMUD: How to want to have more sex, part 2

XOMU: Energy Leakage: Where is all your energy going (part 1)

WWMUD: How to want to have more sex, part 1

XOMU: Am I influencing?

WWMUD: Should I really take nothing personally?

XOMU: Sticks, stones, and mom-shaming

WWMUD: I'm scared I'll be alone forever

XOMU: The other shoe

WWMUD: I drink wine every night

XOMU: Why my mental health is so good

XOMU: Why is my mental health so good?

WWMUD: My friend keeps offering unsolicited advice

Kiss, Marry or Kill: The worst books of 2022

Kiss, Marry or Kill: My top ten books of 2022